The steady upward trend at the PRODEXPO


Unembossed die cut lid of the Packaging Factory MILK has taken a leading position in the displays of the stands at the PRODEXPO International Exhibition. Only a year has passed since it is presented to a wide range of dairy producers. At the previous exhibition in February 2017 the development of our technologists won the gold medal of the contest "Innovative product".

- We changed die cut lid with an embossing to a glossy one. The visual effect is obvious, - commented the choice of packaging Elvira Dautova, Executive Director of Trading House "Lactica" (V. Novgorod).

At the PRODEXPO 2018 Novgorodians presented a rebranding "Vostorg» (Delight). Now, cottage cheese mousse, delicate creams and two-layer yoghurts stand out at the display case from the mass of similar products by unconventional black and defiant gold. The packaging corresponds to the exquisite taste of the products.

– A team of the Packaging Factory MILK carefully worked on the color reproduction, achieving the identity of a plastic cup and a die cut lid. The main task was to convey the golden color perfectly, and supplier coped with it. - approved the work of the Tula’s company Elvira Dautova.

Deputy General Director of Agrofirma Optina (Kozelsky Dairy Plant) Stanislav Bishko confirmed that the company intends to change its packaging of premium segment products to an unembossed die cut lid. At PRODEXPO, Kozelsky manufacturers brought their line of cheese creams, which was always famous for its natural creamy taste.

- Of course, we will switch to an unembossed die cut lid. We plan to order about a million pieces, because we see the difference. The samples of yogurt "EPICA" with your unembossed die cut lid we were impressed us greatly. The Color is looks great and it feels nice to the touch, - the representative of the customer gave an expert evaluation.

The team of the Packaging Factory MILK demonstrated the samples of our products to other exhibitors of the dairy section. Companies that just appeared on the market, admired spectacular packaging and took contacts to discuss the terms of the partnership.