Our Silver Die Cut Lid Has Won A Golden Medal

The Packaging Factory MILK has been awarded a golden medal at “Innovational Product Prodekspo 2017”. The jury among whom were scientists from educational and research centers of the Food Industry and a “Rusprodsoyuz” (Russian Food Union) representative examined our glossy die cut lid – an aluminum foil die cut lid with superior exterior characteristics.

To see the advantage of our innovational package, one just has to compare it with an ordinary embossed die cut lid with an identical pattern. Embossing “trims” images, especially fine details.  Glossy die cut lids have more vibrant colors, their attractive appearance appeal to impulse purchase. 80 percent of European food companies, in particular dairy producers, use glossy die cut lids (without embossing).


In Russia, the Packaging Factory MILK was the first producer to introduce glossy die cut lids.  When we decided to launch the new trend-line product, our engineers were faced with a task of introducing separating packing equipment. With ordinary die cut lids, this task is solved by embossing that makes a relief, while glossy die cut lids stick together. To solve this, our engineers covered the inner side of the lid with dots of foamed lacquer. After a thorough testing during which we played with the dot size and the lacquer ingredients, we came up with an ideal solution – the dots turned into an exquisite pattern that makes our packing even more attractive.  The jury also appreciated this method and top-honored us as “The innovative product”. Our premium package has already become popular with such big clients as  Danone, Ehrmann, B.Y. Alexandrov.