Russian Packaging Conforms to European Standards


A year ago, PepsiCo's packaging supplier, we already underwent a BRC (British Retail Consortium) certification. A year has passed, and it’s necessary to confirm the compliance.

- Being granted a certificate and verifying it later - are two different procedures, - commented the audit results Andrey Vorobyev, Prezent Upakovka's Director of Quality. - Obtaining a certificate – is a demonstration of conformity in the company’s system of business processes and Standard’s requirements. Verification - is a confirmation that the system has been properly operating for a certain period of time. I believe, verification – is a more difficult process, but we did well, and in a timely manner. For this, we owe much to the 5S system we use, high sanitary requirements for personnel, equipment and office space.

Late in April 2017, Danone will be auditing us. Besides, the company is actively getting ready for certifying its pharma products according to GMP. The Quality Department is now working on integrating two Standards. GMP will allow the enterprise to supply high-quality blister foil to pharmaceutical companies that are working according to the European quality standards.