Die-cut lids with logo on the inside win customer hearts


At Rosupack 2018, several big companies got interested in the Packaging Factory MILK’s new technology - clients’ logo on the inside of unembossed die-cut lids. Branding on the inside is a brave move towards the most up-to-date European packaging market.

End-users will see foamed heat seal lacquer separate dots forming customer print when they open a cup with yogurt, for example. The gentle white design looks elegant and speaks for itself - the product with its packing and contents is of the most premium quality. A dairy company from Azerbaijan was one of the first our clients to express their wish to test this exquisite packing. After the exhibition, we will send them and some other food companies testing samples with logo on the inside. In our experience, to successfully promote a new packing type, it is enough to have it presented on store shelves.