Smile before use!


At PRODEXPO 2018, “Amanat Merchant House” of Kazakhstan has presented a new line of "GRITO" products with a brave marketing feed. A choice of potato mash is offered, which is not just intended for customers of different ages and genders, but featuring attractive comic strips on the package manufactured by the Packaging Factory MILK.

Our prepress service had a pleasure to participate in preparation of these joyful layouts. For example, there is a potato mash, which the manufacturer positions as for Youth. That is one with grilled chicken and onions, with a biker’s story at the package. On the die cut lid, a guy and a gal are speeding their motorbike, while the gal holds a hen in a basket. The storyline continues on the cup surface. Turns out, a rooster sat in the basket as well, but he has leaped off and is now rushing after a number of oncoming bicyclists.

Not just the product package, but also its history is uncommon. A Kazakhstan brand company found a German painter for this project, but his services appeared to be too expensive, so, as a pencil sketch, the idea made a long way from Europe to New Zealand, where it was carried through by a local illustrator.

“All, that is at the market is featureless, dull, devoid of drive,” Nikolay Rydnia of the Amanat MH sales department describes the manufacturer’s approach to branding of the new potato mash line, “so we decided to make something that looks like an old Soviet postcard, : to make a customer examine the product and smile.”

In Kazakhstan, “GRITO” will be sold by a large distributor. At PRODEXPO, representatives of retail chains from Siberia, Far East, Caucasus, West and South regions of Russia expressed an interest to this brand.