Training at Rold


Employees of mechanical repair division of the company have been trained in sharpening and servicing Rold cutting tools. During the two-day training at the plant in the suburb of Freiburg (Germany), technical personnel were taught the tricks of these processes. They were shown both how to work with a cutting tool and explained what exactly for.

The relevance of training is caused by a change in the design of the tools. Rold improved the ratio of die angles to the punch, which made it possible to reduce the load on the cutting part, as well as to increase the period “from sharpening to sharpening”. The two-day advanced training course of our mechanics was concerned with the nuances of servicing the updated modifications. In addition, Rold employees paid attention to decoding the die marking.

At the end of the business trip, the company’s founder, Eugen Rold met with the representatives of Packaging Factory MILK. The founder of the enterprise established it 50 years ago on the basis of a workshop that manufactured cutting tools for the automotive and watch industry. Today, high-precision innovative solutions of Rold lead in the global market.