We are not packing producer only!


In 2010 a food packing factory of Present Upakovka LLC was launched in Leninskiy Settlement of Tula Region.

The company works at the packing production market since 2002 and is one of the leading Russian companies whose permanent customers are diary and fast food producers.

In 2004 the company launched a new production at a site of Mednaya Folga Project Production Company. In 2007 a production site in Leninskiy Settlement of Tula Region was acquired where production of food packing based on aluminium foil was launched.

Today, the production complex in Leninskiy Settlement includes two thousand square meters of production area, office and administrative premises occupy additional 800 sq.m. 80 highly paid workplaces were created at the enterprise. The new factory is one of the most up-to-date enterprises for packing production in Russia.

All the equipment was produced on special order at factories of Germany, Czechia, England and USA. Today, 10 equipment units were installed: 7 die-cutting presses and 3 printing machines. Manufacturing capacities ensure more than 100 mln. production units monthly.

According to Ivan Goncharik, Head of Printing Department, Present Upakovka Company supplies aluminium cover for plastic tare sealing (die cut lid), laminated foil and self-adhesive label. All the products are made with fully-featured flexographic printing.

Present Upakovka is well-known to Tula Region’s residents by colorful covers on plastic cups with sour cream and other products of Tula dairy complex and other similar enterprises as well as on packing with various foreign dry products, in particular, fast food.

  • As far as we are suppliers of food industry enterprises, - Ivan Goncharik emphasizes, - our requirements to keeping sanitary regulations are very high. The products are made in accordance with the most rigorous sanitary and process requirements. Quality control of the products is performed at all stages of the production process. The requirements are the same as on food production lines...
  • Despite high automation of our production process, - Ivan Goncharik notes, - printer operator plays an important role. He is not simply an operator which stands and observes operation of the machine. He has more creative task. He may submit proposals both to designers developing sketches for the cover and to client managers. We employ high skilled and competent printer operators. The operator is responsible for printing quality, he should be very attentive. As soon as printing machine works at high speed, value of an error or inadvertence is very high. However over operators manage it. Sergey Pokalyuk is the most experienced of them; he works in printing industry already 10 years. Aleksey Toyakin and Andrei Gudkov are good specialists. A young specialist Viktor Chudaykin mastered printing trade here, in Leninskoye. He is very promising.
  • Responsibility of post-printing shop workers is not less, - Ivan Goncharik notes, - the foil roll with deposited picture is transferred to a die-cutting machine for die-cutting of cover. While printer operators are men, operators of our die-cutting machines are mainly women. They serve two-three machines each. During the die-cutting process they have to observe attentively what final product they obtain. During the production shift, up to 700 thousand covers pass through hands and eyes of each die-cutting operator...

Pavel Pronin, Deputy General Director for Production tells:

  • We are not packing producer only. Our assets are not only specialists and workers of the enterprise, modern equipment and advanced technologies, but also responsibility for fulfillment of obligations. It is just responsibility that helped us to become a leading producer in own segment. That is why more than 300 enterprises in Russia and abroad place orders for packing with us. All they are sure that we will perform the order in time and well. The responsibility encourages us to introduce innovations, increase quality and share experience with the customers. That is why we strive to achieve better results and are not satisfied with achieved ones.
  • It would be especially noted, - stresses Pavel Pronin, - that we are set for building of a European style enterprise as for organizing of production, industrial practices, human relations. The production process should be high-tech and high performance. In this connection, we strive to release basic production workers, in particular, die-cutting operators from secondary operations which distract them from the main work. So, we need additional workers for these secondary operations.
  • In addition, we plan to purchase a new equipment, - adds Pavel Pronin. - While now we purchase foil for producing covers prepared for printing - with already deposited heat seal lacquer, after installation of the new equipment we will perform this preparation ourselves. For this purpose, we need additional personnel, both workers and specialists...
  • We already have a stable collective, - states Marina Zagvazdina, Deputy General Director for Personnel. - It is a young and very vigorous collective. Most of the workers are from nearby settlements: Leninskiy, Barsuki, Obidimo... Still some workers go from Tula and even Yasnogorsk...

We train our workers ourselves, - stresses Marina Zagvazdina. - Because for today printing operator is a quite uncommon and in-demand specialty. We have to train own personnel. The salary is quite high for Tula. According to opinion of many workers, the workshop operation schedule is very convenient: 12 hour operation - two day-shifts, two night-shifts, four days off. This schedule is also convenient for workers being higher school students. We permanently work for improvement of social policy for the personnel. The employees are polled for proposals as for their job conditions. We also admit secondary school leavers, are ready to cooperation with youth public organizations. We would like young people come to us for work. By the way, three family couples were formed for first two years of our working ...

Recorded by Tatiana Yershova

Zagorodnye Vesti, July 24, 2012, issue No.30