Billion die cut lids protected by standard BRC


Russia's largest producer of primary packaging for foodstuffs - FACTORY PACKAGING «MILK» confirmed the focus on the safety of its own products, successfully passing the BRC (British Retail Consortium) international certification.

For a company with over 14 years producing die cut lids and aluminum foil package, and is the supplier of such well-known manufacturers of food products like Danone, PepsiCo, Ehrmann, Lactalis, Valio, Velle, Mareven Food BRC certification passage was another step of continuous development.

Produce annually about one billion die cut lids with different types of coatings and embossing, and five hundred tons of rolled products, FACTORY PACKAGING «MILK» has reached the expert level in matters of packaging foil, which allows customers to resolve any problem.

"In the market we went out in 2002. Having carefully studied the needs of manufacturers of dairy products in the package, bet on the latest technology and quality. Our package should make goods more attractive to a buyer to keep the properties of dairy products and the entire shelf life even longer, as well as to withstand transport on the roads of our country. Such a condition we made and it completely fulfilled - says CEO Valentin Maslennikov. - One of our most important achievements is the creation of a full-fledged department to control the quality of products. As you know, these units have not all companies. It is the work of this department, which brought the interaction with customers to a new level, allowing us to respond promptly to all complaints and suggestions of our customers and, accordingly, to develop production and business in the right direction."

Having decided on the passage of the BRC certification, FACTORY PACKAGING «MILK» aims to gain international recognition of their achievements in the field of quality and safety of packaging, explained in the company. Preparation for certification has taken more than two years and required a fundamental restructuring of some production and support facilities, changes in production processes. As the director of quality Svetlana Urmanova, the most difficult in the process of preparation for certification was the change in the perception of the quality of the packaging employees.

"Management of the company is aimed at quality and safety, the continuous improvement of production. This allowed employees to feel involved in the process. Creating and maintaining a clean area in production, the specialized training program, implementation of quality control tools from raw materials to shipment of finished products - this is an incomplete list of changes that we spent on the road to the final BRC certification. The process of constant changes started - after confirming the status of the producer we are every year" - says Svetlana Urmanova.

As is known, die cut lid performs a number of important tasks and must meet a list of requirements, including providing a sealed container dairy product. In conjunction with the dairy product packaging must not release substances that affect the consumer properties of the product; maintain the attractiveness and reliability during transportation and storage.

"All this we have achieved not only with the help of advanced technology and high quality raw materials. Enormous role played and recruitment. Professionals and specialists we have trained themselves and searched all over the country and abroad," - emphasizes Svetlana Urmanova.

BRC Global Standard Food Safety (British Retail Consortium) is a system of standards to ensure the quality and safety as a primary packaging and retailing of food products sold with its use.

According to the requirements of the standard to be certified business must have a thorough understanding of processes and products, to use the system to ensure that products are manufactured in hygienic conditions and consistently implement quality and safety requirements and expectations of its customers. Briefly, the standard is based on the following key components - senior management responsibility; product risk assessment and the production process, a systematic approach to the management of product quality and safety.

Getting the BRC certificate implies that our production meets high requirements that must be observed during the production of primary packaging, emphasize the representatives FACTORY PACKAGING «MILK». "Product quality - this is very important, and we do not save on it. The quality of business processes and relationships with suppliers and customers, the level of service - not less important for a company that has become a leader in its field and intends to maintain and improve its position in the market" - sums up the commercial director FACTORY PACKAGING «MILK» Sergey Kochetov.

For reference:

FACTORY PACKAGING "MILK" works in the market since 2002. Monthly production site of the company located in the Tula region, ships die cut lids 80-100 million and 40 tons of rolled products. The company plans to increase production performance.

Shop equipment manufactured by special order in Germany, Czech Republic, England and the United States, fully complies with international quality standards. The company has a sufficient number of trucks, for the successful delivery of the order in time and uses a unique CRM-system, to get rid of partners from the supply disruptions.

From this year on FACTORY PACKAGING «MILK» operates the most modern in the Russian line varnishing foil which on the terms of reference of the Swiss company has developed POLYTYPE - the world leader in equipment of this class. Now own varnishing plant allows to produce foil coated on the level of the best European manufacturers.