Production of die cut lids


Today, manufacturing die cut lids made of different materials. But the main elements are aluminum foil and a variety of polymers. Lids for plastic cups is necessary to preserve the integrity of the food for some time.

The use of aluminum foil due to the fact that this material is inert to the effects of food did not affect the taste, it does not stain the contents of the beaker. With high thermal stability allows heat treatment products.

Aluminum lids serves as a barrier against penetration into the glass with the product moisture, air and sunlight. But the die cut lids to function, you must observe the following process conditions. Die cut lids for sealing must be welded to the cup with the observance of temperature, pressure and time. The area of ​​a welded seam glasses must conform to the dimensions of lids.

Sturdy tie foil and cup is due on the inside of paint. For a good soldered cups made of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene.

All foil lid has a beautiful appearance. Decoration is applied in special printers. On the same equipment with the help of the printing plate is applied colored drawing occurs on the other embossing press. Also going on the perimeter of the application heat sealable lid.

Embossed surface lids is not so much aesthetic character as a technological necessity. Unembossed smooth cover adhere to each other and in the process captured by sticking an adhesive gun several instances simultaneously.

Another way to separate lids - drawing applications. Such a cap is not subjected to mechanical deformation and maintain the quality of the applied pattern and strength of the lacquer coating. Lids with applications more economical. The thickness of the embossed product 120 microns and coated with applique only 40 microns.

Production of plastics lids favorably with traditional aluminum, caps. This cover consists of paper and polymer. Lids can get a variety of sizes and shapes, apply a very colorful surface. Polymeric lids durable and safe in the event of rupture: they do not form sharp edges that could cause injury. This material is used for children's goods.