Yogurt packing fashion - What’s hot in 2018


One of the most outstanding dairy packing styles nowadays - glossy die cut lids produced at the Packaging Factory MILK - is getting more popular. At the Exhibition "Dairy Industry 2018", the product attracted visitors from Kazakhstan and the Ural region.

Loyal customers could start taking advantage of the Packaging Factory MILK’s unembossed die-cut lids more than a year ago. The desire to provide a bright and glossy packing inspired us to develop our own ‘know how’. Our high-tech die-cut lids - the innovation contest winner - are perfect for the premium sector. That why this packing design was mainly demanded by leading federal and regional producers.

During the exhibition that took place in March, Tula’s glossy die-cut lids were presented to a number of near abroad countries and to a Sverdlovsk region companies that have realized the need to shift to a more modern design for packing yogurt and soft cheese. Their technologists and marketing experts could see the benefits of using our unembossed die-cut lids at first sight. The best evidence is the product’s exquisite look and feel - both from the outer side and inside with its foamed heat-seal lacquer. The most recent innovation of the technologists from Tula is the capability to print anything on the inside of a lid, for example, a personal logo. This is the company’s another dairy packing fashion trend line in the row of the achievements it can be proud of in 2018. In the meantime, new clients are discussing delivery terms for unembossed die-cut lids that we developed last year and that already have passed thorough testing.