BRC – we comply and learn to verify suppliers


Quality department employees, workshop managers, managers and company executives completed two corporate training sessions on “BRC PACKING AND PACKING MATERIALS (version 5)” at once. “Review of Requirements of the Standard” and “Internal Auditor of the Quality Management System and Food Packaging Safety”.

The trainings were conducted by the Department of Certification and Business Intensification of SGS Vostok Limited, JSC. Over the course of three days, the trained staff sharpened skills of an unambiguous interpretation of the requirements of the standard, learned to conduct surveys, and to document non-conformity. An important part of the course was the analysis of cases on the teacher’s auditing experience. Immersion in psychological aspects of interaction with the personnel of the audited enterprise, in particular claim management, awoke interest of the audience.

“Depending on their own professional experience, the participants of the training benefited from lectures and practical training", Andrey Vorobiev, Director of Quality, shared his findings. "Someone refreshed knowledge, someone has acquired the basis for further development in the field of auditing and working within the standard. Traditionally, one of the key topics for auditors is how to approach food safety risk analysis. In the course of the training, we clarified a number of nuances.”

The training terminated with the qualification testing of the team. The trained staff will receive certificates.