The Triumph of Our Unembossed Die-Cut Lid at “Dairy Industry 2017”

The Packaging Factory MILK’s (Prezent Upakovka LLC) innovational unembossed die-cut lid aroused a great interest among the representatives of the dairy industry – the visitors at “Dairy and Meat Industry 2017”. Despite the active promotion of the new product, some of the guests previously saw such packaging only abroad and did not know that it is now produced in Russia.

- Unembossed die-cut lid is becoming more and more popular every month, - this is how Sergey Kochetov, our Commercial Director, summed up his work with active and potential clients at the exhibition. – This packaging is mainly for premium dairy products. Our closest clients are big and medium domestic businesses – and so we were mostly concentrated on them. At last they had an opportunity to not only see the unembossed product in a magazine or read about it in the Internet, but touch and compare it with the previous generation die-cut lid – with embossing, and figure out the difference in their look and feel. Dairy manufactories from the CIS were also interested in the event though their business is only being developed –   big retailers have only started to compete at the level of packaging. Their market is generally young, and many producers have only begun to take interest in vacuum packaging. When it comes to foreign clients, we have special events for them.


The representatives of the “Karachaevskiy” dairy factory saw a potential profit in using unembossed die-cut lids. At present, they have to protect their die-cut lids with transparent plastic cups. The innovative packaging has superior characteristics – it is almost impossible to pick a hole in it unintentionally – so the additional cup is not necessary.  This will alow dairy producers to reduce their costs associated with packaging by 40 percent. The same calculation was made by the managers from Ivmoloko who also attended the stand of the Packaging Factory MILK.


Some of Moscow dairy holdings, producers from Voronezh, Vologda, Bashkiria, Krasnodar and Stavropol also asked for samples of our unembossed lids.

In the course of this promising development the Packaging Factory MILK has acquired new Italian equipment with which we can also produce small volumes of the attractive lid. Previously we were mainly focused on big vendors such as Danone, Ehrmann, B.Y. Alexandrov.